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Pure Love Uganda (PLUG) is a child support organization from Uganda, whose endeavour is to help the most vulnerable children of Uganda today, inorder for them to help other children tomorrow. PLUG has a keen orientation towards healthcare, education, peace communication, performing and creative arts.Through our friendship and partnership with various professionals, we have been able to provide comprehensive school support, food, healthcare, skills training and basic accommodation for several orphaned and less privileged children from the streets, slums and other such poor communities.

One Child at a Time

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Our Vision

Rehabilitate the children through mindset change, from that of failure and poverty, to that of a victor and a winner in life. Thus having a mind for greatness and positivity. Mentor them through the Word of God, leading to the fear of God and creating a conducive environment of Christ-like beings through the Holy Scriptures and as a result, building their character into great men and women of God. Impart skills and then Restore/commission them into the world.

Our Mission

Pure love Uganda, offers opportunities for young people, growing them into useful citizens by enriching their spiritual, creative, academic, emotional and social skills, associating them with dedicated adults who not only foster the development of music ministerial skills but also serve as role models of Christian living..

The Background

In 2011, a private initiative was carried out in some of the biggest slum areas in Kampala City including Katanga, Mulago and Kamwokya, to teach families about water safety and sanitation. It entailed Dance workshops, Vocal training classes and Daily devotions for all the children aged 3 to 13 years. Families were taught how to clean and maintain their toilets with local cleaning materials like dry banana leaves and ashes, as a way to safe guard their communal health; especially considering the ratio of toilets to families which was estimated at 1 toilet to 180 users. They were also encouraged to keep the drainage areas clean and free of polythene materials, which if not dealt with proved hazardous in these densely populated areas. Moreover, drainage systems in these slums had been turned into garbage collection centers thus breeding all sorts of disease causing vectors including the deadly malaria-causing mosquitoes. We made frequent visits to the slums always making sure we never go empty handed. On each visit, we carried items especially for the children’s basic needs. For example food, clothing, school dues and sanitary towels for the girls. During the initial 2year of the project, Pastor Samba Isaac (a.k.a Zak) was introduced to many families and he discovered that there were also many pregnant mothers in these communities who needed to attend antenatal and postnatal care. This prompted the project to include volunteer midwives, who attended to such mothers and who later helped deliver a number of babies. In November 2012, Zak introduced a dancing competition dabbed Dance Heaven at The Miracle Center Cathedral (MCC). dancers of youthful age from all over the country formed groups to participate in this competition which was also aired on Channel 44. In due coursethe youth from these poor communities, who were already acquainted with Zak, contacted him for help to jointhe competition and compete for the 5million Uganda shillings prize which was at stake. Participation in the competition involved intense training as a group and it was at this time that Zak realized that most of these youth were either school drop outs or children who were supposed to be in school but have not gotten the chance. This is when the thought of helping such youth and vulnerable children was birthed.

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