Morgan 11 years a twin to Martinah Nakato, these two share the same story raised by single mother. Now happily living with us at pure love Uganda. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Sumayiya Jannet is 4 years only and the youngest she joined pure love Uganda 2018 her mother was evicted from her small house and she was breast feeding another little boy she asked me if her daughter could spent Christmas season with us at the house with other children. Because of the situation she going through we decided to take Sumaya on as one of pure love kids.


Hassanide, 12 years old, his mother was working as a dish washer at church canteen and sometime this family went without food for days, they had anything eat because her mother could not afford to buy food for the family. Want be to become a Doctor


Doreen 14 years she has just joined high school who we meet in 2012 at 8years she was living with her grandmother who was not working and couldn’t afford to pay school fees She now lives with us at plug, as a happy young lady. Wants to become an accountant. Secondary School Donation - $70 a month or $800 year


John, 8yeaars old his mother is from Rwanda the neighboring country to Uganda, life forced her into prostitution at age of 16years and John is a result of unwanted pregnancy because he doesn’t have a father. John is now happily in school and lives with us at plug. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Martinah she is 11 years, she joined Plug when she was 5 years old I met her mother 2012 and she as struggling with the little ones she has 5 children and two of they are twins. Wants to become a Bank manager. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Ronald, 16 years we met him 2012 living katanga slum with his single mother and a few family members mother could not afford to pay for his school fees, he is now in high school and living an exemplarily life. Wants to become a Doctor Heart surgeon. Secondary School Donation - $70 a month or $800 year


Grashite 9 years old and was raised by a single mother, who was operating a food vending business at local car washing bay and she could not afford to take care of her daughter. after the government stopping all vending businesses which were carried out on the streets of kampala, because of the outbreak of korela disease, she became homeless for a few months, Grashite is happily living with us at plug. She wants to become an accountant. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Peter 11 years old and talented boy at plug he came to our office so bold and he asked us to help me with school fees because he didn’t want to miss school for the second time. He was later asked to come with her mother and his was transformed from that day. Wants to become a doctor. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Grace is 9 years old her mother is former prostitute, through our life skills programs that we provide to the parents, Graces mother was able to leave the prostitution job and she now works as maid at and Indian home, in a few years she will be able to take Grace back on. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Aziz, 15 years we met this talented young boy, he spent one years without going to school, and he was forced into child labor to make money to be able to take care of his grandmother, with helping hand of plug he is now in high school. Wants to become a TV host... secondary School Donation - $70 a month or $800 year


Faith 8years comes from Mitiyana village her both parents work as wood collectors at a firm. Both of them never went to school and couldn’t afford to take this girl to school. . Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Mercy is 12 years old she, lives with both her parents because of a gift of Dance she was given an opportunity of education through pure love school fees program and she lives with us she wants to become a lawyer.... Secondary School Donation - $70 a month or $800 year


Moses is my name, was a Moslem but Pure Love Uganda did not reject me, now i thank God because i am a born again Christian thank you for support us.... Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


My name is Reanah I love to sing and dance for God, most importantly to spread the gospel about the kingdom of God to many; I had lost all hope of pursuing my dream of becoming a super model thank the most hight God for pure love uganda all my hope is renewed.... Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Natasha 9years used to live with a mother who was always asking me to help and let her daughter join Plug because of the situation she was going through at that time after losing her husband in a car accident and she was abandoned by her family.... Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year


Vincent 15 years he was found in a slum collecting scrap materials and his mother asked me if I can help him because he could not have a good life from collecting scraps and when he started dancing he was very good at it. Wants to become a electrical engineer. Secondary School Donation - $70 a month or $800 year


Peter is 12 years only this boy used to live with his father, he approached me a few years back and he told me about his who was already in home school program which we provide for the community at local church in our home area. He told me he was evicted from the house and he doesn’t want to live on the streets with his son. Wants to become a doctor.. Primary School Donation - $35 a month or $500 year