Barry Bowlus, (CPA) is a senior business professional and entrepreneur with 30 years of content and business development experience in Healthcare/Publishing/Media and Ministry, increasing revenue or contribution for each entity served. He has negotiated and implemented contracts valued at $26.2 million over a ten-year period for the American Medical Association (AMA), the US Physician Non-For-Profit and Member Association, and its brand JAMA, known as the premier publisher of evidence based articles in the medical field. With a degree in International Marketing and Accounting, his diverse experience includes leadership that recommends companies to purchase, creates plans for implementation and growth, deliverables and milestones, revenue growth targets, responsibility assignments, contract language, time frames and necessary agreements with management and oversight committees for the AMA, Mosby-Year Book, Chicago Times Magazine and Time, Inc, the world’s premiere magazine publisher (now Time-Warner, owner of Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Time-Life Books, People Magazine, etc...).

His penchant however is in ministry which led him to non-for-profit boards, providing leadership advice, active day-to-day development and revenue activities, and participation including grants for inner city schools. Using his years of business acumen, Barry participates through ministry for Wayside Cross Ministries (prisoner rehabilitation), INTRSCT (mentoring inner-city youths through music, art and homework instruction), Franklin Fine Arts School (the only fine arts Magnet School in the Chicago Public School system). Barry resides in Wauconda, Illinois and frequently attests to ‘Wauconda Forever’.

Cory Ratliff, Partner & CREATIVE DIRECTOR USA

Cory Ratliff, ALATS Dance Club founder was introduced to Samba Isaac (Zak), Pure Love Uganda Founder and Artistic Director, in 2003 and later introduced to the students of Pure Love in December of 2014. In 2015, I was introduced to Pure Love Uganda. The children introduced themselves and told me what their purpose was.

I was so touched to hear that they already knew that God had a plan for their lives. It was such an awesome moment that I became emotional. We then spent time learning some choreography. I was impressed again as the students were so eager to learn. From this point I had taken interest in these students. My desire was to see them educated by sending them to school.

So I began working with the ALATS Dance productions and dedicated part of our proceeds to help fund the tuition for the Pure Love kids. We also wanted to help equipped the students with dance training. So we formed Dance Mission International. This organization would pool together dance instructors that would come and train students in various communities in dance and bring the Gospel to them through movement.

Pure Love kids would also be part of the teaching with them giving back to these communities by serving the children as well. We continue to love these children through our support in finances, love and prayers.


My name is Dorcas Nalwoga .My passion is hospitality- serving people. I have been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and caring,solving ,managing people is my passion. I have then extended my skills ,talents to the community where I leave applying them to the people around me through different projects that are developmental and life changing.I have been serving and enganging in community work in my local church and community for over 15 years now. With my talent of singing/worshipping I serve still in my local church but also at outreach and purpose still is to bring a positive change in people's lives. Music speaks to the heart and soul and through it alot of lives are transformed and mended spiritually. It is through music and community projects that I joined pure love Uganda. Working with people, kids is my passion and through their dance which is an art has transformed communities .To me that's all that matters,love expressed through music. I love to hold the door and let others go through it. Im passionate about serving and I continued to use my skills to bring a positive change in the community.

Beverly Braumuller-Hawver, partner and music teacher USA

Also known as BeverlyB is an accomplished musician with an impressive following around the world. She currently has several CD’s out and plays regularly with her band, BMusic Tribe. Her specialty is Healing Music that helps people to feel better and connect to their creator to bring them hope.

BeverlyB began teaching piano and guitar to children in Hawaii in 1995 and truly has a heart to teach children how to express themselves in music. All her students in the USA learn the basics of piano and also theory. BeverlyB also teaches guitar to children seven years and older. All guitar students learn how to read notes and also learn how to strum their guitar.

It was a dream of BeverlyB to give back to underprivileged children and in 2016 that dream came to fruition when she met Samba Isaac aka Zak Fortay, who then introduced her to the children of Pure Love Uganda. BeverlyB was so impressed with the dedication of the children of Pure Love Uganda and their passion to learn piano and guitar that she decided to set up a program in Uganda called Makula Music Project.

Makula Music Project will help the children of Pure Love Uganda to learn how to play the piano and guitar proficiently and some will be trained to become music teachers. BeverlyB believes that once you teach child music it is something no one can ever take away from him/her. It is a gift that will last forever.

Racheal,K Nakimera co-founder

Rachel Nakimera, Co-Founder/Teacher, PURE LOVE KIDS. Rachel’s emphasis is early child development as she works at The Goddard School, Waterford, Massachusetts and the Brandon Behavioral School, Natick, Massachusetts serving children with learning disabilities and special needs. Her burgeoning business generates an outlet for her considerable talent to produce Afro-centric vintage designs in clothing, wardrobe apparel and costumery. Her flair is towards modern interpretation using emergent, vibrant colors with pattern for a traditional, but fresh look. Rachel is regularly commissioning her craft and has designed for many politicians (Ugandan and American), leading musicians and artisans in Uganda. She regularly showcases her haute apparel and fashions at the East Africa Fashion Week in Kenya, Nairobi, and at the Uganda North America Association (UNAA CAUSES) on an ad hoc basis. Her heart is to train, educate and cause creativity in every child, particularly the little ones of PURE LOVE KIDS and teach fashion production to those desirous. She also has a talent for fundraising and sponsorship. She was recognized and showcased at fundraisers organized by the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) held in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. She is married to Zak Fortay and is a Ugandan citizen, living near Boston as she completes her degree and internship and is active in her church, the Dominion Assembly International in Boston.

Milcah Sebuliba, Secretary

My name is Milcah Sebuliba, a female, aged 36yrs, Ugandan by nationality and a christian above all. Am a social worker by profession, working with Pure Love Uganda(PLUG) as the administrator, joined in 20/10/2015. Who is (PLUG)? This is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) taking care of vulnerable African Children. Why (PLUG)? Having been raised by a grand mother who was widowed at that time with out a job and always struggling to raise us all as family giving us the basic needs of life because we were already orphans at that time which hindered me from achieving my dream goals as a child pushed me to lending a hand to the vulnerable children and see to it that they achieve theirs dreams in life. I kindly request you reading the above to as well lend a helping hand in which ever way you can such that we empower these leaders of tomorrow. Remember a friend in need is a friend indeed. Stay blessed. Administrator Pure Love Uganda.