10 Years Experience of Child Advocacy

Samba Isaac Zaklio

Zak Fortay, Founder, PURE LOVE KIDS. Zak’s penchant in life is to see the hopeless transformed by the love of Christ. As one of the founding Rappers in Uganda, he became connected to the music and arts performance community as a change agent and peace keeper through his word and song, he changed hearts, endeared the masses, and for his work, was awarded a significant government accolade as an Emissary of Peace. Honored as a peace member of Peace One Day, he worked through the Uganda National Civil Society Youth Coalition to open opportunities to youth in high schools and universities and promote the objectives of non-violence. Grounded as a physical education teacher and coach with 6 years of experience, Zak became a child advocate for Uganda’s most vulnerable, impoverished children, abandoned women and widows. Through his motivational speaking engagements, he crafted his message of love, hope and faith to transform the disenfranchised desirous of a change using strategies honed from those who mentored him. Zak could attract a crowd through Rap Music and oration. He worked with the Ministry of Health, along side of the Precious Kids Foundation and allowed PURE LOVE KIDS to educate the disenfranchised regarding non-communicable diseases, facilitating free medical check-ups and treatment to over 6,000 people near the Katanga district, a Kampala slum of 40,000. With 20 years ministerial experience via the Miracle Center Church (currently in revival), Zak embarked as founding member to head “Dance Heaven”-a dance competition attracting 25,000 people from East Africa who loved to dance, similar to “America’s Best Dance Crew” TV Series 2005 to 2015. During this time, Zak joined “Dance Missions International” using his proclivity to transform children and imbue his passion for Christ. His young ambassadors of hope hone their new craft with skill, unsurpassed dance interpretation that used impeccable technique and choreography they were taught. That partnership remains today. From this, the Rapper traded his stage and strategically birthed PureLoveUG, a forerunner to PURE LOVE KIDS. When Samba Isaac aka Zak, first went to the Katanga slum in 2011, he saw poverty, starvation, injustice, disease, and violence. He could have decided that the world needed to see that too and do something about it. But Zak intuitively knew that people get uncomfortable and tired of seeing depressing images. He knew that the way to really get inspired was to see the beauty and potential that exists in that darkness and despair. Zak decided to be innovative in his approach. He knew the key to engaging people was to have them meet the children face to face and see their dance talent and hear their voices; hear their message of hope. In 2013, he founded Pure Love Uganda, and serves as the director and visionary for the non-profit organization working to develop PLUG into an internationally acclaimed performing group while raising funds to help thousands of destitute children receive an education and hope. Under his leadership, PLUG has gained national and international recognition, performing at Kampala city festival gospel stage, at Dance Heaven, at Batalo East, at the Katanga Slum Peace Event since 2014, Hip Hop for society and organizing one of the Uganda’s most prestigious events, including The Uganda Presidential election Peace Caravan 2016, funded by Inter religious council of Uganda, and the launching of Afri-Aid. Through his work with PLUG, Zak has been able to connect the children with professional dance teachers from all over the world including Norway, Germany, Canada, United States of America, Alats Dance, who have supported the children, emotionally, psychologically physically and financially, who would otherwise have no chance at an education. Zak who resides in Busega Masaka road Kampala, has been the subject of one documentary, How’s Africa which a pan African multimedia platform empowering young people digital storytelling. Zak is recognizing of his widespread efforts to promote peace throughout the world.

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