Vision 2024-2028


All baskets are hand woven in the Ugandan-African tradition using native sisal banana fibers or papyrus and even colorful recycled and washed plastic bags. Traditional colors and designs reflect the Uganda heritage with each basket woven, containing color and patterns passed down by woman artisans dedicated to their craft. The abandoned women and widow ministry of PURE LOVE UGANDA hopes to hope in provide provides a caring fellowship teaching, discipline and imitating Jesus, our Lord and Savior with skill sets to craft superlative baskets, make aromatic hand soaps and essential oils.

Vision 2024-2028


Weaving is a part of the culture in rural Uganda and I saw it as an opportunity to develop my life. When Pure Love Uganda organized some women, I was responsible for creating hair bands, bracelets and necklaces I found disposed of along disposed along the road or in Katanga Slum. I even washed and wove colorful plastic bags exchanging colors with other women in my group. Eventually, I began weaving baskets to perfect my skill and my hope increased. Now I teach others about true hope, His name is Jesus. When others see how weaving has changed my life, I believe that they can learn to respect weaving as a profession.

Vision 2024-2028


Please help us feed PURE LOVE UGANDA'S abandoned women/widows and their children while we establish a living wage process in the near term. We near immediately met a need as a ministry to feed our extended PURE LOVE UGANDA family in the Katanga slums. First and foremost, we are using the proceeds of the Gift Baskets to defray the costs of providing bi-monthly food distributions to families in need in Katanga, the largest garbage dump and slum, where most of the children of PURE LOVE KIDS were we’re born. A portion will be used for component parts needed to create the initial batches of soap and oils.


is needed now to continue the feeding of those marginalized by society. PURE LOVE UGANDA can reach the unreached. In many communities, starvation deaths exceeded COVID deaths nationwide deaths in nationwide as our shutdown continues. Please commit to supporting our efforts for a year to feed the thirteen mothers and their families until a living wage based on market factor.